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 the big day!!!

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the big day!!! Empty
Postthe big day!!!

the day is about to end
we dont know if the pain would mend
pain that she have caused
to the hearts that she lost

hoping that tomorrow would come and shine
a new day a new sunrise and a new hope
to come in our lives
trust is all that matters for those who dont have much
but losing it is the most regrettable thing as such

people do come and people do go
in this life of ours we always have to let go
works and jobs also passes by
this things we have to live by

we have to accept things the way they are
because God have his own reasons why this things happens
he would not give us this much pain and made us suffer
if he knows that we cannot bear

tomorrow will be the big day for you my love
for they will tell you their decision
for the things that you've done
a just punishment would come

we have to be accountable for everything we do
and accept the things that would come for you
and we have to acknowledge the fact that we know what we did
and accept the consequences of our own deeds

stryke 2307H 12 august 2009
praying praying praying

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the big day!!! :: Comments

Re: the big day!!!
Post on Thu Feb 09 2012, 21:36 by jjenel
may inspiration siguro si kuya stryke... smile
Re: the big day!!!
Post on Thu Feb 09 2012, 11:50 by mistyred
Re: the big day!!!
Post on Sun Aug 16 2009, 10:15 by stryke
clap clap clap wow galing galing bro ringo
Re: the big day!!!
Post on Sat Aug 15 2009, 16:02 by RINGO STARR
Ganoon ba? makagawa nga paano ba eto.. hmmm.. para maalis ang pangamba mo may try...

Pains make you stronger to face reality in life
Donít collect in heart that stab you like a knife
If somebody will give you a test
It makes things better among the rest

Donít lose hope it turns you into grief
And your life will like be a falling leaf
Donít think of tomorrow if no peace in mind
Or else you will count in your brow a lined
People may come and go
Gone like a wind but donít be so blue
Or feel so low, cold, and old like snow
Because another life will grow

You have the choice to make
Depends on how you take
Wish thereís no regret or else it will wrath
Ask Godís guidance as He direct the right path

Remember that sun shines everyday
Not unless veils your tears it may
Donít let your pain will pour like rain
No matter what it cost, life will begin again.

Wala lang sinagot ko lang ang poem mo hehehehe
Re: the big day!!!
Post on Fri Aug 14 2009, 17:37 by Jhoanna
fafa stryke super lalim naman, bakit ka nakabuo ng ganyang tula ha, ano meron? rolling 4 laugh nice one bro very substantial! ok smiley
Re: the big day!!!
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the big day!!!

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