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 Philippine Society of Colleges and Universities

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Magiting ng Konek
Magiting ng Konek

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PostSubject: Philippine Society of Colleges and Universities   Wed Aug 05 2009, 12:36


In a grand ballroom party, conducted by the Philippine Society of Colleges

and Universities, the Chairman of the Board got curious to know what

particular schools attended the big celebration.

Therefore, he checked out the house where it was all happening. Guess who

he found and where he found them?

UP Diliman - everybody was lined up to the attic to have a fraternity


UP Los Banos - they were in the garden mowing the lawn

UP Manila - they were into "drugs"

Ateneo - they were inside the TV room with a microphone chanting the "BLUE

EAGLE" spelling

La Salle - they were eavesdropping

San Beda - some were beside the Ateneans while others were in the bedroom

with some Paulinians

St. Paul - they thought they were with the Ateneans

La Consolacion - they wanted to be the Paulinians

Holy Spirit - they want the Paulinians

Miriam - they were beside the room of the Ateneans . .. . like always

Assumption - they were inside the bathroom three hours already since


St. Scholastica - they were next in line for the bathroom

CEU - some were doing the dishes while others were busy with the laundry

St. Louis - they were in front of the air conditioner

UE - they don't know what an air conditioner is

UST - they were everywhere

FEU - they were nowhere

MLQU - Sob! They were not invited

San Sebastian - How the hell did they get past security?!

Letran - the Security

Mapua - they were fixing the leak in the roof

TIP - they were the ones who created the leak

NU - they were outside the house selling cigarettes

JRC - they were the ones buying the cigarettes

Adamson - they went to Luneta instead

Sta. Isabel - they were Adamson's dates

CRC - what the hell is this party for?

PSBA - what the hell is CRC?

NCBA - what the hell is PSBA?

AMA - they were parading with Jolina posters

kitba ang tabalits ay bomalabs....???
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Philippine Society of Colleges and Universities
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