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 Stronger Everyday

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Konek Tambay
Konek Tambay

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PostStronger Everyday

I don't know how to start
To tell you what's in my heart
You are my thought throughout the day
And I just hope, I have courage to say
Cause I can never tell the reasons why
Around you I just get so shy.

I want you to know I'll always care
I want you to know I'm always here
And I wish we'd be together
It cannot get any better
Cause what I really want is you
To share forever life with you.

I have loved you since we met
It's you that I can never forget
I can't spear I get owe you by
You will never see the day
When my love will fade away
Cause it gets stronger everyday

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Re: Stronger Everyday
Post on Mon Aug 10 2009, 09:06 by RINGO STARR
What if the love you have loved is gone with the wind?
And you still hoping for the hope that he will be show in the end
But life is a journey dont wait for tomorrow instead look around you
Who knows maybe another guy is sitting or standing at the corner intended for you.

S M I L E always and you will get what you wanted in life hehehehe
Re: Stronger Everyday
Post on Sat Jul 25 2009, 13:09 by jgwapito
heheheh tamang senti at inlove pala dito hehehe
Re: Stronger Everyday
Post on Mon Jul 20 2009, 12:20 by margarita_lite
always namang inlove wink
Re: Stronger Everyday
Post on Mon Jul 20 2009, 12:17 by Jhoanna
wow1 inlove... blushing
Re: Stronger Everyday
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Stronger Everyday

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