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 TEll me

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Magiting ng Konek
Magiting ng Konek

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PostSubject: TEll me   Fri Jul 17 2009, 13:45


Tell Me that you love me
Tell me that you care
I just wanna hear your voice,
Come flowing through the air
Telephones are lonely
Tell me you're alright
I just wanna feel you near
When I lay down tonight.

I'd give anything to see your face
Just to share the silence of your eyes
Your love is something no one can replace
And while I'm down I don't want you to cry
Please don't cry...

yaan lagi ko like sabhin /kissing

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PostSubject: Re: TEll me   Fri Jul 17 2009, 13:49

ay sis maganda nga yan meron ako nyan download nyan si regine kumanta!


Never expect. Never assume. Never ask. And never demand. Just let it be. If it's meant to be, it will happen.
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TEll me
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