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 What is quicksand?

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PostSubject: What is quicksand?   Thu Feb 26 2009, 11:40

What is quicksand?

Quicksand consists of a buoyant blend of round granules of light sand, blended with water, or of light soil and gritty mud, or of mud peppered with pebbles. Water injects itself into the grains of any one of these mixtures, which separates and lifts them, causing them to tumble over one another, and rendering them helpless to support weighty objects.

Quicksand typically surfaces near the deltas of mighty rivers, or near shores, where a layer of stiff clay below collects and retains the water. Quicksand does not suck unsuspecting victims to their untimely deaths, a theory espoused my most until recently. This nightmarish theory did, however, provide good fodder for a host of low-budget horror films!

The discovery of quicksand's buoyant properties, akin to those of the salty Dead Sea, quashed this prevalent theory. Since quicksand is saturated with liquid, and far outweighs water, it allows anything or anyone who steps into it, to float higher than possible in water alone. The key to swimming in this non-chlorinated swimming hole, is slow motion. By moving slowly, when initially landing in quicksand, one provides the quicksand with the lead-time necessary to flow around one's body, thereby making swimming or floating possible.

Source: coolquiz.com
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What is quicksand?
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