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 Why is Milk white?

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Ilaw ng Konek
 Ilaw ng Konek

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PostSubject: Why is Milk white?   Wed Feb 25 2009, 19:02

Why is Milk white?

chalky-white mustaches that color our lips after chugging down a
refreshing ice-cold glass of creamy milk is caused by the protein
called Casein.

Rich in calcium, Casein helps contribute to milk's white color.

In addition, the cream that is found in milk contains white colored fat. The more cream in milk the more white it is.

Low and non-fat milk appear more grayish rather than white because they contain less cream.

Another reason
milk looks white to our naked eyes is because some objects do not
absorb very much light. Rather than absorb light, these objects reflect
light. For instance, red colored objects reflect only red light and
absorb the other colors of light in the rainbow spectrum. The molecules
that make up Casein and cream reflect light. That's why milk is white.

Did you know?

  • Calcium and
    Vitamin D are the two ingredients of milk that make it such a healthy
    beverage. While calcium is a major nutrient for us that gives us strong
    bones and healthy teeth, Vitamin D is a nutrient that is needed by
    humans to produce healthy bones.

  • While milk is being squeezed from the cow's udders, it
    leaves the cow's body at a high temperature of 101 degrees Fahrenheit.
    Then the milk is quickly cooled and stored at 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • In order to make 9 gallons of milk a day, a cow must
    drink 18 gallons of fresh, clean water (2 gallons of water for every
    gallon of milk).

  • Doctors and nutritionists recommend that everyone
    should drink about 2 glasses of milk a day to stay healthy and prevent
    osteoporosis (the disease that causes the deterioration of our bones)

  • The average cow produces 90 glasses of milk per day.

  • Milk usually arrives at grocery stores about 2 days after is it pumped from the cow.

  • Chocolate milk contains the same essential ingredients
    as white milk--calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, high quality protein,
    and magnesium. The only difference between white and chocolate milk is
    that chocolate milk contains about 60 more calories because of the
    sucrose and other nutrient sweeteners that are added to it.

  • Source: coolquiz.com
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    Ilaw ng Konek
     Ilaw ng Konek

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    PostSubject: Re: Why is Milk white?   Wed Feb 25 2009, 19:20

    galing naman....thanks for sharing sis elyn smile
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    john alforque
    Konek Tambay
    Konek Tambay

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    PostSubject: Re: Why is Milk white?   Wed Feb 25 2009, 19:24

    pag un may kulay di na milk tawag dun.... coffee na! rolling 4 laugh
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    Konek Adik
     Konek Adik

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    PostSubject: Re: Why is Milk white?   Wed Feb 25 2009, 19:39

    dahil sa ingredients ng milk kaya white ang kulay.. hehehe sorry sis TADA tamad na ako mag basa... pero if i have time babasahin ko to.. thanks for the info sis ...
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    PostSubject: Re: Why is Milk white?   

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    Why is Milk white?
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