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 What makes popping corn pop?

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PostSubject: What makes popping corn pop?   Wed Feb 25 2009, 18:47

What makes popping corn pop?

Corn is a generic term to describe the fruit (grain) of cereal plants in
particular. In Britain corn generally refers to wheat. However, in the
US, the word corn refers to maize. Popping corn is just one of the many
varieties of maize grown commercially.

The bulk of tissue within a grain of corn is called the endosperm. Endosperm is
specialized storage tissue providing nutrients for the embryo when the
seed germinates. It is also a source of carbohydrates for humans. In
popcorn, the outer part of the endosperm is hard but the center is
soft. When the corn is heated, the water in the central part turns to
steam causing the seed to burst (the pop that you hear) and turn inside

Source: coolquiz.com
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What makes popping corn pop?
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